Hey readers! I recently sent a bunch of business cards out into the world that have my wordpress address on them, just want to make you all aware that the action is over at my etsy!

Happy shopping!


Autumn is upon us!


Sneak peek at some fingerless gloves I’m working on. It’s gonna be glove/scarf/hat time soon, which I love! Look for glovies at Deluxe in Eugene next week!


I love hand-painting signs. This one is something I just did for Tiny’s Coffee on MLK in Portland, OR.





I have done two for Tiny’s so far. The other is the Soup of the Day sign. I also painted a sign for Bang Bang crafts which was used at her booth at Crafty Wonderland. The last one is some silly freestyling on the back of my friend’s car that I did at a rest stop on the way to Coachella. Fun!
More to come as the photos surface. 🙂

Back from the woods

Hi y’all.
I’m back from MWMF. It was everything it should be — beautiful, magical, intense, fun. And I’m glad I don’t live in a place that has so many mosquitos! I also sold three of my belts. I mailed the other two down to my sister so she can sell them in Eugene to burning-man-goers. And as a side note, be sure to check out Alli’s goods! She makes fantastic leggings, undies, and swimwear, and she is a pro at custom orders. She also specializes in sizes other than S, M, and L. As in, everyone who can’t just walk into a store and have things fit them. Big, Tall, Short, etc. She’s got ya covered. Literally.

Anyway, back to Scrafts. I got inspired for new projects while I was at Michfest. Saw some really cool spats that got me thinking about all kinds of boot-wear. I think my next creations will involve some decorative boot accessories like these that I made for Korin:

As well as some sort of sexy, knee-high spats that would allow one to wear comfortable shoes but still have all the sexiness of knee-high leather boots. My function-oriented brain will probably put some pockets on them somewhere, too.

I also want to start designing some arm-bands that would have some functions. Originally I thought of making my own watch-bands and buying used watch-faces to put in them, but then I thought it would be sweet to make some sort of arm cuff that covered most of the forearm and had a few small pockets and a watch face built in. Not sure how much stuff could comfortably fit in an arm pocket, but maybe at least a place for money, a lighter, lipstick, etc. A band that had those pockets could go around the bicep area as well. A purse you’ll never put down at the bar and forget! So stay posted for those.

The project at hand now is saving up enough to rent a studio space and buy an industrial machine that can take thicker leather. I think Korin is getting tired of me taking over her living room all the time. 😛

Leaving in 24 hours!

I’m all packed and ready to get on a plane in 24 hours! I have 5 belts with me that I hope to sell at MWMF. I printed cards and instruction sheets (which are super cute, by the way, and totally inspired by my dad) at FedEx today. The guy was way helpful and they came out great, especially considering I ended up spending a whopping $2.79 on 120 cards and 10 instruction sheets. Win!

Photos of the belts coming later. Hopefully photos of belts on happy customers coming, too!

See you at “home,” Festies!


*update* here are some iPhone photos of all the belts together, and the printed stuff.





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Utility belts 2

Here is the next one!



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Utility Belts

Hey, so here’s an update on what I’ve been working on lately!

MWMF is coming up (10days! Yikes!!) so I am making utility belts to sell. Here are some photos of the ones I’ve made in past years. (There are two more I can’t find good photos of right now) and then the bottom four photos are two of the ones I’m planning to sell at Fest, or for Burning Man when I get back from Michigan.

I will totally take custom orders. The one for Oyle with his name in reflective tape is a custom one, made for bike-riding uses.

Any that I don’t sell will go onto and you can buy them there!


Next up: more belts. And possibly some crafty shirt altering.

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